Welcome to an unXeen world where everything is possible!

Throughout the years we have build the expierence and knowledge by organizing sex parties at clubs across the world, getting to know 1000s of people.
As demand started growing to start organizing exclusive private parties we founded unXeen Events and you will not regret that we did.
What ever how ever, with your guests or invited by us. Open up to an unXeen world.
We are a full in house service, offering you all aspects of your erotic event.
Location hunting, catering, security, guests, you can leave it all to us.
Sit back, relax and enjoy, its your party.

If you can imagine it, we can organize it.
Have your friends or business partners together to celebrate or convince them,
get to know like minded people that meet your intrest standards,
surprise your wife or husband, have some teambuilding,
stand out, it will be unXeen.

Want to party in your own accomodation but need a professional planner to get everything set up? Contact unXeen and you will get in touch with your personal planner. Your personal planner will discuss your idea with you and share his experience and thoughts.

1 Partner for all your needs!

We are a full in house event organizer, organizing only private erotic parties and offering all aspects of the event:
location hunting, catering, security, guests, planning, administration…

By mixing the right people together, we believe anything is possible, with our world wide data base of guests, we will find your like minded guests.
Gang bangs, reverse gang bangs, orgies, erotic bachelor parties, gentlemen parties, venetian masks, luxuary swinger parties, theme parties…. You name it

( unXeen events is not  an escort service and doesnt offer payed sex – all inqueries should be internationaly lawfull and moraly accepted)