host your untold story


Imagine your kink, brought to fruition in every detail. Your untold story brought to life. With multiple experiences – and dozens of willing potential partners – spread across several rooms in a nearly-unlimited space, completely safe from outside prying eyes. This is what it means to host an unxeen party.

Every kink is catered to.

Anything you can imagine, we can bring to life – from the smallest design elements of each room, to the guests we invite, and even the dress code – is hand-chosen to fit your vision. Anything is possible. Nothing legal is off-limits. Every kink is catered to. Whatever sets your senses soaring, we’re happy to provide!
We utilize our enormous global network to provide the most luxurious collection of lustful services, guests, costumes, decorations, furniture, toys, and secrecy in the world.

We can help you realise any fantasy in an unravelled life-changing way.

    • Do you ever dream about having a variety of BDSM experiences in a single evening?
    • Would you ever love to participate in an orgy centered around your specific fetish?
    • Do you ever feel you have a nearly-unlimited appetite for voyeurism or exhibitionism?
    • Do you prefer to play in an extreme way but want to feel safe at your level.
    • Are you into “taboo” kinks like age play or furries, and want to have an amazing party?
    • Have you ever felt “kink-shamed” or left out by erotic events in your area?

Are you ready to step out from the darkness and into sexual ecstasy? Reach out, confess your desires and we will make it happen.


We believe in trust, respect, consensuality and absolute discretion


We listen to our hosts and members and encourage sharing deep specific desires


We understand, appreciate and cater to every kink

Joining an experience

Unxeen membership is for the adventurous and the kinky. As a global erotic events organizer based in Amsterdam, we are continuously expanding our network of potential party guests to invite to our exclusive private experiences. Members will receive the first invitations. Take your chance to become invited into an unxeen world and join the fun!

Our free membership
Free members gain access to our members-only portal, where they can get a sneak preview for our upcoming experiences. You automatically stay in contact with the community through the unxeen newsletter. 

Level 1 membership
Deeper, private access to our top-tier experiences and the possibility to get invited to an experience from one of our hosts.  The higher your level the higher your chances. 

Level 2 membership
Reaching for the top has to be earned by verification. Your chances of getting invited to a experience rise instantly. You can only become a level 2 member when starting at level 1 and get verified by one of the unxeen employees. Verification is proof of trust for other members and especially our hosts.

If you desire to live a life of lusts fulfilled, you can’t afford not to become a lvl. 2 member.

Request to validate account

To attain Level 2 membership, verification is required. Starting from Level 1, you may only advance to Level 2 by receiving verification from an Unxeen staff member. Verification is conducted in person, where the staff member verifies your identity. This verification serves as proof of trust for both other members and our hosts.

If you would like to request verification, please set up an appointment with one of our staff members. Please note that the cost of verification is your responsibility, but we assure you that the time and effort will be well worth it.